- almost nothing need to be said when you have eyes -

@ Gert Motmans


Alexandra is a real art and fashion aficionado and for the last 20 years she has been involved in a creative partnership focusing on reflection, conception and creating visibility. This partnership resulted in a large number of successful campaigns in the most diverse areas and today she adds another string to her bow by sharing her passion for photography and representing artists.

Artistic flair, personal expression, passion and emotion are the keys to the universe as Alexandra sees it.

Like ours, her gaze sees thousands of images pass by, but very few hold her attention, very few appeal to her personal sense of beauty. Alexandra retains only the essence of the realisation of this fragment of time that is a photograph.

Her preference? Work that we never tire of admiring, work that reveals something new about itself and, more particularly, about us every time we look at it.

Her work? Creating custom features for individuals and businesses and organising exhibitions in inspiring locations. 

In this regard, her first exhibition – step one – was held in November 2015 and was a display of photographs by the artists Ruben Tomas (USA) & Gert Motmans (Belgium). She also offers support to photographers through her advice, her energy and her relationship skills.

“It is important to see what is invisible to others” Robert Frank